hydrologic pool and spa



  • Water chemistry checked and recorded
  • Chemicals added as needed
  • Clean skimmer baskets
  • Backwash filter and monitor operations
  • Pool vacuumed
  • Pool brushed as needed
  • Pool surface skimmed
  • Cartridge filter cleaned (if applicable)
  • Adjust pool water level
  • Make recommendations as needed

All services are performed at each visit as needed, for all plan levels.

Residential weekly Service:

$360.00 per month

May thru September:
One (1) visit per week

Residential BiWeekly Service:

$279.00 per month

Two (2) visits per month
May thru September:

Single Monthly Visit:

$179.00 per month

One (1) visit per month

Pool Opening & Closing not included

$525.00 per month

May thru September:
One (1) visit per week

Pool Repair:
$150.00 first hour, $90 each additional hour


Add a spa to any monthly package for an additional $90.00 a month.

Monthly rates do not include maintenance or repairs of pool pumps and other equipment related to electrical, heating or plumbing issues or due to dismantling of filters for yearly cleaning.

All chemicals will be delivered and charged at current service prices.

Regular scheduled non-contract repair and maintenance appointments are billed $150.00 for the first hour and $90.00 per hour after that with a one hour minimum. In the event we need to return to complete a job, you will not be charged the minimum twice.
All pricing is subject to change without notice unless guaranteed in a signed maintenance contract. If unsatisfied, you may cancel your contract within 30 days. Termination of contract after 30 days will incur a Cancellation Fee equivalent to 3 months service.

To schedule service,
call 802-391-0098
Our Service Department is open Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm.